jbpiv.com has been on line since 2002 serving as an Archive of the Chicago based band Poi dog Pondering.  Authored by John B Prentis IV, jbpiv.com has been a hobby born out of his love for music.  Beginning as Live recordings of concerts, then adding photography and video, the website has grown to much more than ever anticipated.  Now spreading into the blog world, you can expect to see many pictures taken over the years, posting of live recordings, videos, set lists and other information connected to Poi and it’s many members current as well as past.  Enjoy!


NOTEApr 17, 2015…

Due to personal and medical issues, I am cutting back on my photo/recording activities..  Thank You for your continued interest.  Please check http://www.platetectonicmusic.com for updates on Poi dog Pondering.

John Prentis.

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